Mission Statement

By , March 27, 2012 11:31 pm

Mission Statement of the Waterford Public Library

Waterford Public Library will serve as an information center for the residents of the Village of Waterford and all residents covered by the Lakeshore Library System. Service shall be given free of charge to clients without regard to race, religion, sex, age, social, economic or education status.

Waterford Public Library will seek to maintain an equitable balance in its services to adults, young people and children.

Waterford Public Library will assemble, preserve and administer, in an organized collection, books and other materials in order to promote the communication of ideas, the enlightenment of the citizenry and the enrichment of individual lives. Insofar as possible, this collection shall be unbiased, presenting information from all viewpoints. It will provide the opportunity and encouragement for all people to educate themselves. Recognizing the value of literacy, it will support and promote reading in every way possible. However, cognizant of the many ways in which people learn it is committed to providing reliable information in many different media so that no one is denied access to learning.

Mission Statement of the Children’s Department

In addition to subscribing to the Mission Statement of Waterford Public Library, the Children’s Department will focus on the information and learning needs of children from birth to graduation from high school. Recognizing the absence of programming for young children in the community, Waterford Library will give special attention to the needs of Preschool Children.

Waterford’s Children’s Department will strive to create an atmosphere that will stimulate curiosity, reading, learning, and critical thinking in children of all ages. Through appropriate materials and programming, we will provide a safe, interesting and inviting place for youngsters to learn from the time they take their first steps toward independence through the time they are reading, researching and learning on their own. We will promote literacy while providing materials and encouragement for those whose primary method of learning is other than reading.

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