Meeting Room Policy

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                       WATERFORD PUBLIC LIBRARY

The Waterford Public Library Board believes that the facility should be made available for community purposes, provided that such use does not infringe on the original and necessary purpose of the property.

The board will permit the use of the facility when such permission has been requested in writing by a responsible, non-profit, organization or group of citizens and has been approved by the board or the director.  For-profit organizations will be permitted to use the facility for corporate employee information and training sessions not open to the public.

The use of the facility shall not be granted for any purpose that is prohibited by law.

Admission charges are prohibited.

The facility will be available in 4 hour increments with a fee of $75 for village residents or $100 for non-residents.  Applications will not be approved until the fee is paid.  The fee is refundable if cancellation notice of the event is received at least 10 days prior to the event.

Organizations desiring use of the facility shall file an application for such use at least 10 days before the scheduled event.

Groups or organizations must designate one member of its group as being in charge and responsible for the program or activity, including set-up.

Should any organization at any time abuse the privilege of using the facilities, its right to use the facility shall be immediately withdrawn.

No weapons, alcohol or smoking shall be permitted. Meeting rooms are to be vacated 15 minutes before closing.

The user of the building agrees to restore the room to original condition, or as requested by the librarian.  Users shall be liable financially for damage to the facility and equipment during use.

Approval for decorations must be secured before using the same.  The use of nails, screws, bolts, tape etc. is prohibited.  No alteration of building, equipment or services without prior approval will be allowed.

Library parking should remain open for regular library patrons and programs. Organizations should inform their participants that parking is available in the municipal lots to the north of the village hall and across the river next to the fire and police building.

Adopted March 20, 2001, Revised February 12, 2002

Revised December 9, 2003, Revised November 13, 2007

Revised October 14, 2008, Revised January 13, 2009                           

Revised November15, 2011                                                                                         

Jane Brossard, President


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