Internet and Wireless Policy

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I. Mission Statement
II. Philosophy of Internet Service
III. Library Responsibilities
IV. User Responsibilities
V. Caveat Emptor ( Let The User Beware)
VI. Statement Regarding Children or Minors

I. Library Mission Statement

The mission of the Waterford Library is to ensure the people of the community the right and means to free and open access of ideas and information which are fundamental to a democracy. The library protects intellectual freedom, encourages lifelong learning, and provides information services to its users.

II. Philosophy of Internet Service

The Internet enables the library to offer information beyond the confines of its own print collection. The library considers its endoresement of the Library Bill of Rights and the Freedom to Read documents to apply to access to and use of electronic information.

III. Library Responsibilities

Library staff will provide general information to access the Internet. Scheduled introductor computer and Internet classes will be offered by the library. No unscheduled training will be provided to user. Library staff and/or representatives are not allowed to directly or indirectly configure users’ laptop/handheld computers or devices, or to install software on patron owned computers/devices. Please contact the vendor or manufacturer of your laptop, device or software if you need assistance with these issues.

IV. User Responsibilities

All users must present identification to register for Internet access.  Waterford Public Library cards are valid identification.  Adult Internet users without a valid library card must provide a current driver’s license and phone number before Internet access is granted.

A. Acceptable Uses

Responsible Users:

  • may use the Internet as a resource for educational, informational and recreation purposes,
  • may use the Internet to explore other computer systems,
  • will respect and uphold copyright laws and other applicable laws and regulations,
  • will respect the rights and privacy of others not accessing private files,
  • will follow all Internet regulations posted in the library

The following behaviors are not permitted:

  • sending or displaying offensive messages or pictures,
  • using obscene language,
  • harassing, insulting, or attacking others,
  • damaging computers or any items relating to the computer system,
  • violating copyright laws,
  • using another person’s password,
  • trespassing in another person’s folder, work, or files,
    • loading of files or programs. B. Consequences of Misuse

Misuse of the computer or Internet access will result in loss of Internet access privileges.

C. Copyright

U.S. Copyright law (Title 17 US Code) prohibits the unauthorized reproduction or distribution of copyrighted material, except as permitted by the principles of fair use. Users may not copy or distribute electronic materials including electronic mail, text, images, programs or data, without the explicit permission of the copyright holder. Any responsibility for the consequences of copyright infringement lies with the user. The Library expressly disclaims any liability or responsibility arising from access to or use of information obtained through its electronic information systems or any consequences thereof.

V. Caveat Emptor ( Let The User Beware)

Because security of files is technologically difficult to achieve, Internet users are advised that electronic transactions and files could become public.

Internet users need to be aware that they may find material in graphical or text format that they consider offensive, just as they might find objectionable material in other formats such as books, tapes, or videos. This includes sexually explicit material and materials of questionable accuracy. Just as the library does not vouch for nor endorse the viewpoints of written and recorded material in its collections, it does not do so for electronic information.

The accuracy of information gained through this source is the responsibility of each originator/producer. Therefore, the Waterford Public Library does not guarantee the accuracy of information obtained through the Internet. Users need to be good information consumers, questioning the validity and accuracy of the information found. Often the information needed is available in other resources at the library.

VI. Statement Regarding Children or Minors

As is the case with other materials in the Library’s collections, any restrictions of a child’s access to the Internet is the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian.

The Waterford Public Library assumes no responsibility for the use of the Internet by children. Subject to the above restrictions(Acceptable Uses), it is the responsibility of the user, or the parent, guardian or care giver to determine what is appropriate. Children under the age of 8 must be supervised by an adult. Children between the ages of 8 and 18 must be accompanied by an adult or have a current Internet Permission Statement on file. Waterford Public Library requires parents to sign permission slips in person.

Please ask for a copy of the American Library Association’s The Librarian’s Guide to Cyberspace for Parents & Kids to help your family use the Internet effectively.


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